Amara Saunas is a cherished family-owned business nestled in the heart of Alma, Michigan.
We are devoted to bringing your sauna dreams to life by handcrafting each barrel with the finest Michigan cedar.
Our commitment extends to hand-delivering your custom creation right to your doorstep, fully assembled and ready to use.
We have a lead time of 10-15 days!

Get your custom sauna quote in just a few steps! First, Choose a sauna size from our catalog. Then, add a sauna barrel, door, window, bench, and heater to your cart. Call our expert team with any questions!

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5.0 stars

Michael Hart- I called 3 or 4 different barrel sauna companies in Michigan and all of them had lackluster customer service and patience to talk through the different features of their sauna. But Amara Saunas was different. Audi, and her husband Trey, both own the company and were very responsive and great to talk through all of the different sauna options, costs and delivery options. Audi was quick to respond to my questions and quickly put together a price quote. Upon delivery, Trey and a co-worker were able to load the sauna onto custom built dolly and place the sauna to the exact part of the property we wanted it to sit. Trey was great in explaining how to best use the wood burning stove and how to care for the sauna over the years. The sauna is fantastic and a big hit with our family. I would highly recommend working with Audi and Trey at Amara Saunas, it was a seamless experience buying from them.

5.0 stars

Kris Parrottino- Had a great experience with Amara Saunas. From the consultation, customization to the delivery they could not have not been easier to work with. Very happy with our sauna!

5.0 stars

Sara Hayes- I recently bought a sauna from this company and let me just say- WOW. The sauna itself is beautiful but the team at Amara is what really impressed me. The delivery process was quick and easy - the best customer service I've had thus far. I use my sauna every day and am just so thankful for this company.

Customer's Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is an Amara Sauna a kit?

The Amara Sauna stands apart as a fully-assembled cedar barrel, thoughtfully crafted right here in the heart of Mid-Michigan.  Unlike kits, our sauna arrives ready for use, showcasing the attention to detail and quality that define our product

Does Amara Sauna install the electrical stove to my residence?

The sauna will be delivered with the electrical stove installed in your sauna.  It will be necessary for you to contact a licensed electrician to complete the electrical wiring connecting the stove within the sauna to your residence.

Can I have the Amara Sauna delivered to my residence?

Yes, we can deliver or you can choose to pick up your sauna from our facility.

How do you move an Amara Sauna?

With ground permitting, we utilize a designed set of customized wheels in conjunction with a two-wheeled cart to facilitate the transportation of the sauna.

What is recommended to set my Amara Sauna on?

We advise that you place your sauna on a level and stable surface, such as stones, pavers, grass or concrete.  This will ensure both optimal functionality and safety.

Where will you deliver?

We offer delivery services throughout Michigan and select areas of Ohio, Indiana and Illinois.  Additionally, we accommodate shipping requests to locations beyond these regions, contingent upon the associated shipping fees.  Our pricing structure is based on a per-mile rate.

Is an Amara Sauna a steam or dry sauna?

Amara Saunas provides the flexibility for both dry and wet experiences, catering to your preferences.  It accommodates both electric and wood stoves, allowing you to enjoy a range of sauna options.

How does Amara Saunas set the price for their product?

We hold an immense sense of pride in the craftsmanship of our saunas.  Employing premium-grade materials, we carefully attend to even the minutest details.  Our commitment to quality is evident in our exclusive use of stainless steel fasteners, bands and door handles, along with the application of two protective coats. Distinguishing us from competitors, our barrels boast a diameter of 6.5 feet, surpassing the standard 6-foot measure.  Ensuring hygiene, each sauna features a removable floor for convenient cleaning.  The integration of properly positioned ventilation within our saunas guarantees the uniform dispersion of heat.  It is worth highlighting that each sauna is meticulous hand-crafted, and before departure from our facility, it undergoes a rigorous quality assessment to meet our stringent standards.

How do I clean my Amara Sauna?

You can maintain the cleanliness of your sauna by sweeping or vacuuming to remove any dust or debris.  For more thorough cleaning, utilize a mild solution of warm water with either baking soda or mild soap.  Use a soft cloth to gently clean any areas with dirt marks.  In addition, the removable floor can be taken out to facilitate sweeping away debris and then cleaning with the suggested solution.  After cleaning, allow the sauna to air dry. To prevent sweat stains, it is recommended to place a towel on the seating area before starting your sauna session.

What is the ongoing maintenance for my Amara Sauna?

Once a year it is recommended to re-coat the outside of the barrel.  Your Amara Sauna has been coated with Helmsman Minmax Indoor/Outdoor Spar Urethane Clear Semi-Gloss. 

 How long should each sauna session be?

For first-time adult users, it’s advisable to limit your initial sauna sessions to 5-10 minutes.  As you get accustomed to the sauna environment, the recommended duration can be extended to15-20 minutes.  If you have any pre-existing health conditions or are under the age of 18, it’s important to consult your physician before using the sauna.

 What can I expect my Amara Sauna to heat too?

Depending on the conditions outside, electric or wood, our sauna will reach temperatures between 160-200 degrees.

Do you have any roofing options for the Amara Sauna?

We are currently in the process of developing a cover for the top of the sauna.

 Is it ok if my Amara Sauna leaks?

It is normal for your sauna to exhibit minor leaks.  The use of natural materials means that the sauna can expand and contract in response to the temperature and humidity changes

Purchase your sauna worry free with a warranty guarantee



- Please read the following before using your Amara Sauna

Amara Saunas will carry a 1-year warranty against defects in workmanship or materials. Any wood exposed to the elements is required to be treated regularly to keep it from deteriorating. Amara Saunas coats our saunas in two layers of protective finish (min wax helmsman spar urethane) to ensure the outside of the sauna is protected. Due to weather conditions, we cannot control the upkeep of protective finish. It is up to the buyer’s discretion, and it is the buyer’s responsibility. Protective finish is not under warranty. 

Wood is a living material that continues to respond to climate conditions, even after being manufactured into a sauna. Prior to shipping, the wood is inspected for consistency, color, and quality. Variations in the color or grain, and irregularities such as fine cracks/ holes are part of the natural beauty of the wood and in no way are considered defects.

Since the wood used in the saunas have been dried, a certain amount of expansion and contraction occurs in the wood within a sauna environment. During normal operation, wood may develop fine cracks/ small holes due to the changes in humidity level of the wood. This is considered normal and will not affect the structural integrity of the sauna. These barrel saunas will leak rainwater periodically due to expansion and contraction of the wood. This is not covered under warranty.

In transit Amara saunas can experience slight blemishes, scratches, or scuffs.  All structures using wood are susceptible to minor dents, scratches and scuffing which are not covered by a warranty. This is normal and will not affect the integrity or operation of your sauna.

In most cases, minor wood blemishes on the exterior of the sauna may be treated by using a small amount of furniture polish, tung oil or other furniture treatment products. Please avoid any treatment containing Benzene or a high concentration of alcohol. Any interior blemishes, scratches, scuffs or chips can be either left alone, sanded or a combination of gluing plus sanding. 

Any compensation for small aesthetic repairs or minor cosmetic damage will be determined solely by Amara Saunas 

This warranty does not apply to damage caused by Acts of God, misuse, abuse, negligence, accident, unreasonable use (public or rental), damage caused by transport, incorrect storage, any alterations, disassembling the sauna, vandalism, any repairs not done by Amara Saunas, or by causes unrelated to defective materials or workmanship.

Please be aware that over time that the wood around the stove area will begin to turn a darker brown color due to heat exposure. Please also be aware that the lower portion on the stove pipe (part connecting the double wall stove pipe to the stove) and the stainless-steel door and accessories can/ will discolor over time due to heat exposure.

Glass Doors and Windows 

Tempered Glass Door is under warranty through the shipping process.  Once the sauna has arrived at its destination and the door is intact, any cracking, breakage or damage of the glass door is the responsibility of the client to repair or replace. 

Sauna Returns

The return of any sauna unit once shipped is prohibited.  The only exception made to this policy is for units determined by Amara Saunas to have a defect in materials and/or workmanship beyond repair. Seller may refuse to refund all or any portion of payment if Buyer fails to fully comply with or violates the terms and conditions of this policy.



Amara Saunas and any of its subsidiaries and/or associates shall not be held responsible for any misuse of the sauna by the client. We shall not be held liable for any damage and/or injury caused by client misuse of product.

Amara Saunas and any of its subsidiaries and/or associates do not provide medical guidance or diagnosis. It is always recommended that you contact your physician for advice regarding your personal health.

It should be noted that all stove parts and rocks are hot and should not be touched while hot! Amara Saunas is not responsible for any burns or injuries.


  1. The Warranty issued with all Amara Saunas comes standard to the original purchaser. Warranty is not transferable between parties. Amara Saunas reserves the right to change, without notice, anything contained within the warranty and the website.  The warranty on the website will supersede any previous written or published versions.
  2. Proof of original purchase must be able to be provided by the buyer upon request.
  3. Sauna mistreatment, misuse, neglect, and high traffic "wear and tear" damage (example: Glass, door handles, wood slats, etc.) are not considered warranty issues. 
  4. Amara Saunas reserves the right to decide whether the warranty claim is valid or considered a non-warranted item.
  5. In the rare case a return of a non-defective unit is agreed upon by Amara Saunas and the purchaser, buyer shall assume all risk of loss associated with the return as well as shipping, handling, restocking and other fees, costs and expenses as described in this policy.

The sauna must be returned in the same condition it was originally received.  For sanitary reasons, Amara Saunas will not exchange or accept or return any sauna that has signs of use.  This includes, but is not limited to, sweat stains.

Amara Saunas reserves the right to request pictures of any sauna, both interior and exterior, to verify the condition of the sauna before warranty work is in question. 

Amara Saunas reserves the right to refuse to refund any deposit or payment, or cancel any payment due, and any owing until such time as Seller:

  • is in receipt of the goods.
  • has inspected the goods and
  • in the Seller's discretion, has found the goods to be free of damage.
  1. All sales of custom made, closeout and discontinued saunas, regardless of shipment status are non-refundable.
  2. The wood will begin to turn a darker brown color due to heat exposure over time.

For woodstove customers- Over time the woodstove may begin to show signs of rusting, due to water over the rocks and the sediment from the rocks trickling down the stove. (This is okay) If you would like this fixed, we suggest removing the stove from the sauna, taking out the rocks, cleaning the affected area and repainting using high temperature stove paint. If you decide to add paint to the stove, make sure to burn off the paint before returning it to the sauna.



Holes in your sauna

Over time you may notice knots falling out or holes, this happens because the temperature changes both internally and externally, and the expansion and contraction of the wood.  We have included some sawdust so if this happens you can patch fallen knot holes. You can do this by creating a paste of sawdust and glue (Elmers, Gorilla, or wood glue) and inserting it into the hole. Caulk is a good hole filler as well. This does not affect the integrity of the sauna.

Water Leaking into sauna

You will experience water leaking into your sauna when it rains, this does not affect the integrity of your sauna. Over time, your sauna will expand and contract causing this to sometimes be better or worse.



We provide full customer support with personalized phone calls, delivery, and prompt issue resolution.

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