Barrel Sauna Information

Is an Amara Sauna a kit?

The Amara Sauna stands apart as a fully-assembled cedar barrel, thoughtfully crafted right here in the heart of Mid-Michigan. Unlike kits, our sauna arrives ready for use, showcasing the attention to detail and quality that define our product .

Does Amara Sauna install the electrical stove to my residence? 

The sauna will be delivered with the electrical stove installed in your sauna. It will be necessary for you to contact a licensed electrician to complete the electrical wiring connecting the stove within the sauna to your residence.

Can I have the Amara Sauna delivered to my residence?

Yes, we can deliver or you can choose to pick up your sauna from our facility.

How do you move an Amara Sauna?

With ground permitting, we utilize a designed set of customized wheels in conjunction with a two-wheeled cart to facilitate the transportation of the sauna.

What is recommended to set my Amara Sauna on?

We advise that you place your sauna on a level and stable surface, such as stones, pavers, grass or concrete. This will ensure both optimal functionality and safety.

Where will you deliver?

We offer delivery services throughout Michigan and select areas of Ohio, Indiana and Illinois. Additionally, we accommodate shipping requests to locations beyond these regions, contingent upon the associated shipping fees. Our pricing structure is based on a per-mile rate.

Is an Amara Sauna a steam or dry sauna?

Amara Saunas provides the flexibility for both dry and wet experiences, catering to your preferences. It accommodates both electric and wood stoves, allowing you to enjoy a range of sauna options. 

How does Amara Saunas set the price for their product?

We hold an immense sense of pride in the craftsmanship of our saunas. Employing premium-grade materials, we carefully attend to even the minutest details. Our commitment to quality is evident in our exclusive use of stainless steel fasteners, bands and door handles, along with the application of two protective coats. Distinguishing us from competitors, our barrels boast a diameter of 6.5 feet, surpassing the standard 6-foot measure. Ensuring hygiene, each sauna features a removable floor for convenient cleaning. The integration of properly positioned ventilation within our saunas guarantees the uniform dispersion of heat. It is worth highlighting that each sauna is meticulous hand-crafted, and before departure from our facility, it undergoes a rigorous quality assessment to meet our stringent standards.

How do I clean my Amara Sauna?

You can maintain the cleanliness of your sauna by sweeping or vacuuming to remove any dust or debris. For more thorough cleaning, utilize a mild solution of warm water with either baking soda or mild soap. Use a soft cloth to gently clean any areas with dirt marks. In addition, the removable floor can be taken out to facilitate sweeping away debris and then cleaning with the suggested solution. After cleaning, allow the sauna to air dry. To prevent sweat stains, it is recommended to place a towel on the seating area before starting your sauna session.

What is the ongoing maintenance for my Amara Sauna?

Once a year it is recommended to re-coat the outside of the barrel. Your Amara Sauna has been coated with Helmsman Minmax Indoor/Outdoor Spar Urethane Clear Semi-Gloss.

How long should each sauna session be?

For first-time adult users, it’s advisable to limit your initial sauna sessions to 5-10 minutes. As you get accustomed to the sauna environment, the recommended duration can be extended to15-20 minutes. If you have any pre-existing health conditions or are under the age of 18, it’s important to consult your physician before using the sauna.

What can I expect my Amara Sauna to heat too?

Depending on the conditions outside, electric or wood, our sauna will reach temperatures between 160-200 degrees.

Do you have any roofing options for the Amara Sauna?

We are currently in the process of developing a cover for the top of the sauna.

Is it ok if my Amara Sauna leaks?

It is normal for you sauna to exhibit minor leaks. The use of natural materials means that the sauna can expand and contract in response to the temperature and humidity changes.

Communities Served

  • Alma
  • Howell
  • Indiana 
  • Mt Pleasant
  • Kalamazoo
  • Ohio
  • Ithaca
  • Gladwin
  • St. Louis
  • Illinois