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Harvia heaters provide unparalleled convenience, offering swift and effortless operation with just a simple turn of a dial. Notably cleaner than other options, they eliminate the need for any post-use cleanup. As electric devices, Harvia heaters have coils that gradually warm up over 30-45 minutes, achieving temperatures between 150-200 degrees Fahrenheit. Versatile in function, these heaters can create both dry heat saunas and wet heat saunas, depending on whether water is poured over the rocks in the heater. Additionally, Harvia stoves offer the option to upgrade to a wifi-enabled model, allowing users to sync controls with their smartphones for remote access to sauna settings. Whether opting for the standard model or the wifi-equipped version, Harvia stoves present a modern solution for managing sauna temperatures, ensuring a truly relaxing and rejuvenating experience


Our woodstove, proudly crafted at Amara Saunas, offers a unique sauna experience. It's compatible with all saunas except the 5ft variant. Emitting penetrating heat, a crackling fire, and a nostalgic campfire aroma, it evokes an old-world charm and a truly authentic sauna experience. Woodstoves require a little extra effort compared to other heating methods because of their hands-on appeal, requiring the building of a fire before use and cleaning out ash, but they do not require an electrical connection like electric heaters do.


A Huum heater is also electric. It encompasses all the features of a Harvia heater, with a few differences depending on your sauna preferences. What sets it apart is its capacity to finely control humidity levels, facilitated by the bigger supply of rocks through-out its whole body. This unique capability transforms Huum sauna's into more of a full-blown steam room, catering to those seeking a more humid environment for a longer duration. a Huum's open design also allows the heat to fully extract from the full face, top, and bottom of the heater, resulting in a more evenly distributed heat throughout the barrel. Huum heaters also have the option to upgrade to wifi as well.

In our catalog, you'll find options for either a white cedar barrel or a red cedar barrel. This choice determines the wood used for your barrel and benches. However, if you prefer, red doors can be added to white barrels, and white doors can be added to red barrels. If you have any questions about customizing your order, our design team can quickly provide answers!

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